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heres a story for the kids!!

9 April
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28 days later, a flock of seagulls, a-ha, air guitar, american beauty, american history x, art, australian tampon hunting, beauty, beavis and butthead, being alone, berlin, billy joe armstrong, blondie, bob marley, bow wow wow, boys, candles, candy, chai, checkerboards, chuck palahniuk, chuck taylors, coldplay, conversing, crying, culture club, death, degrassi, devo, dreaming, drugs, duran duran, edward scissorhands, eve 6, everyone, fae fife, fight club, freddy mercury, fun, going to shows, green day, hair dye, hamsters, hello kittie, hoping for peace, horror movies, ima robot, insanity, insence, jack black, jackass, johnny depp, johnny rotten, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, kittens, lanky guys, laughing, learning everything about everyone, less than jake, living dead dolls, local bands, love, making out, manhunt, mesh underwear, michael jackson, minicoopers, morrissey, my so-called life, new wave, old school rap, omd, p.i.l., peenk, philosophy, photography, playing in boxes, power puff girls, presents, punk rock, queen, rain, reggae, rock n' roll, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, scotland, sean connery, self hatred, sex, shoes, sid vicious, siouxsie and the banshees, ska, slamball, south park, spazing out, spring, staring at the stars, staying out late, staying pale, summer, sweet and sour chicken, synthesizers, taxi driver, teen girl squad, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the damned, the darkness, the dickies, the human league, the offspring, the police, the ramones, the rezillos, the selecter, the sounds, the specials, the strokes, the transplants, the twilight zone, the vapors, the vibrators, the white stripes, the young ones, thinking, thrift shops, throwing up, tighty whities, toothpaste, trainspotting, vans, visage, whip-its, working out, writing, x-ray spex, you